He stopped then, the duo on a large steep cliff. The overlook was his private garden from before, Amaimon bent at the knee once more and allowed her to climb off.

"I do not talk to human…

"It is?" She asked, perking up a bit. So that’s why this place seemed familiar. But she had to wonder why he’d brought her here again. Shiemi had honestly thought it would be a one time thing, never to be spoken of again, even less to ever be considered.

The blonde debated asking about the sudden act, but the idea that it was simply a stop for calming. Sitting up to scoot closer to the ledge, she sat almost level with him as she glared down at the scenery below them.

Amaimon glanced over from the corner of his eyes, never turning his head he took notice of the fact they were now siting beside one another. “You are displeased?” 

RP anyone?

Trails of Blood and Fire - CLOSED RP with Fatherofalllies


A horse is waiting in the courtyard, Satan’s black stallion that snorts and whinnies, till its master pats it’s nose to soothe the creature.. Satan mounts his steed and a soft nudge into its flanks sends the stallion into a trot. Heading the group is Thamuz; the warrior is on foot and has the goblin on a leash. Satan is next, followed by a small contingency of other trusted and loyal elite warrior demons, some on horseback, others walking.

The group made their way through the vast Gehennian plains, a bleak dark rocky landscape, mostly unexplored by demonkind. Ahead in the distance lay the tall mountains where his son was being held captive, their jagged peaks piercing the dark clouds above. It was a forbidding, dangerous landscape, full of treacherous caverns. Sandstorms would appear out of nowhere, making you easily lose your way. There were also ferocious beasts that roamed the land, ambushing and tearing any unwary traveller to pieces. The predators thankfully remained at bay, none daring to approach the God of all Demons.

At the suggestion from the female warrior to make camp, Satan nods in agreement; the plains became almost impossible to cross during the Gehennian night. When this far from the city, the land was obscured by darkness that even most demons eyes would struggle to see through. The howl of the wind indicates an incoming sandstorm and the warriors hurry to set up magical perimeters and shelter for their master as well as themselves.

The following morning the landscape has changed again, the storm has battered the plains, opening up huge cracks in its surface. The group tread carefully, skirting each crack with caution.

The goblin to its credit never loses Amaimon’s scent, leading them for days through the wilderness, till they finally approach a trail through the mountains.  The goblin slobbers and barks, the boy must be nearby as Satan can also sense his son’s weak life force hidden by magick most likely. The beast spurs his mount onwards into a gallop already uttering his own spells to counteract those of his enemies.

“Find their leader but keep him alive, Thamuz, I will find my son!” He roars at the rest of the warriors “Slaughter the rest; let none survive….no one will dare take my throne!”

The guards nodded rushing the compound at once. The rebels came out in droves. Some with weapons others armed with magic and spells. Large and small demons poured from the building like insects. Not so surprised as their scouts had informed them of an armored group arriving from the west. Behemoth tore through the waves, intent on finding its Master. 

The rebels while they put up a good fight were no match for the royal elite guard. Soon the tides were turned and the outcome began to grimly grow apparent. Cowards tried to flee while others stayed valiantly to fight. The leader concerned for his own well fare left the ranks and made for Amaimon’s hidden torture chamber. 

Throwing open the door he grabbed whatever knife or scalpel was lying on a nearby table and approached the drugged and nude lad. Knowing will gut wrenching fear the Lord of brimstone and fire was on his way, he held the blade out over the boys neck and waited. When the King arrived he smirked, hands shaking over Amaimon’s throat, “Don’t take another step!” 

(Source: thebroccoliking)

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I don’t think I’m sorry for this :D


I don’t think I’m sorry for this :D

lafarfalladelnord sent: By the way, your hobgoblins have a particularly nasty bite. It's quite unnecessary and annoying.

"Ah, I am thinking perhaps then you should not do things which entice my goblins to bite you. They rather enjoy chewing on dull things..ah yes, so maybe it would be a hnnn good idea to not be dull?" 

Anonymous sent: If I stole Behemoth would you be upset?

He would probably eat you. If not then I would.

Anonymous sent: Camping in public is the best way to camp. You wont get in trouble if your brother doesn't know

Hnnn tell big brother that. He is no fun to argue with, he always wins.

Anonymous sent: Who would you rather? Christopher Walken or a very rich pigeon.

Which one tastes better?

Anonymous sent: fun fact: in Disney Land's Pirates of the Caribbean ride, some of the skulls are real.

Ah yes, this I know. Did you enjoy my decoration? I fixed it. It is hnn better now.